Heather Nash

Brief info

After a career in the health care industry, I went back to school – again – but this time to Chef School and earning certificates in both Culinary Arts and Baking Arts. When asked what my favourite dish is, I have no answer, I love food. Period. But more importantly, I love good food. This includes quality ingredients, fresh, and locally grown wherever possible. Farmer’s markets are my favourite places, as are roadside fruit and vegetable stands. I am passionate about creating delicious food from simple ingredients.

It is this passion that has propelled me to take what I have learned and share with others eager to learn. Fast food and take out isn’t the answer! “Dinner in a box” delivery services are great but expensive. What if you could learn to cook delicious meals for next to nothing? What if you could learn to bake and have it look like it came from a bakery? THAT is my passion, sharing what I have learned to help others learn to create by taste, texture, feel.

My husband and I recently relocated from the Greater Toronto area in Ontario, to Prince Edward Island. PEI is known as Canada’s Foodie Destination for a good reason. Fresh produce, fresh seafood, fresh dairy, fresh beef, lamb, pork! Fresh!

I am currently working on a Professional Chocolatier designation and on any given day my kitchen will be filled with the aroma of melting chocolate!