In the long run, processed foods can affect your health. Below are reasons why it is important to use fresh ingredients when cooking, and what a fresh meal can offer you.


When cooking with fresh ingredients, your food can retain a lot more nutrients compared to processed foods. In many cases, processed foods have been in contact with pesticides, or other artificial substances. To improve your health, always try your best to avoid processed food, and use fresh ingredients when possible.


When eating you want to get the most flavor possible from your food, which is why it is important to use fresh ingredients. Preserved food loses taste as time goes on, but fresh ingredients with no preservatives provide a more true flavor. For the best result in flavor and nutrition, eat your fruits and vegetables within 48 hours of purchasing them.


Fresh ingredients aren’t always cheaper than processed ones, but in the long run your health will be better. Eating a lot of low quality food can eventually harm your health, and you will end up paying much more in medicines and treatment. In the summer, you could even think about planting your own fruits and vegetables, which could help you save money.

Here are 4 things a fresh meal generally offers you:

  • Fruits and vegetables supply you with many of the vitamins and minerals that are vital to our health.
  • Hydration is important when it comes to our health. Fresh fruits and vegetables have a higher water content than other foods, which actually offers natural hydration.
  • Not all oils and fats are bad, so when preparing meals yourself, you can control what kinds of oils and fat are added in.
  • Enzymes help break down the food you eat into absorbable parts that our bodies can use. They help with digestion and nutrient absorption. Freezing food can lower enzyme activity.

Next time you are planning your meals or shopping in the grocery store, keep in mind the importance of using fresh ingredients for better tasting food and health.



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