Fresh Pasta

Fresh Pasta is simple, resilient, and oh so good. I had a wonderful culinary instructor at Chef School who drilled into us “the sauce waits for the pasta, the pasta never waits for the sauce!” She was right! Prepare everything else ahead of time, but that fresh pasta takes only 2-3 minutes to cook!

You can roll it out by hand if you want, but a pasta machine (manual or electric) is so much faster. While the pasta dough is resting, we will start on a simple sauce that will become the base for all sauces you will ever use!

Highlights of the Cooking Class

Duration: 3:30 hours (Starting hour: 6:30pm; Ending hour: 10pm – estimated)
Availability: Tuesdays, Thursdays
Highlights: Preparation of a traditional homemade pasta (salad and wine included)
Location/Meeting place: Nosh with Nash Studio
Language: English
Price: $100

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