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Culinarians are required to have knowledge of food science, nutrition and diet and are responsible for preparing meals that are as pleasing to the eye as well as to the palate. After restaurants, their primary places of work include delicatessens and relatively large institutions.

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Meet Heather Nash

Heather Nash

After a career in the health care industry, I went back to school – again – but this time to Chef School and earning certificates in both Culinary Arts and Baking Arts. When asked what my favourite dish is, I have no answer, I love food. Period. But more importantly, I love good food. This includes quality ingredients, fresh, and locally grown wherever possible. Farmer’s markets are my favourite places, as are roadside fruit and vegetable stands. I am passionate about creating delicious food from simple ingredients.

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Cooking is about love and sharing and we definitely want to share with you.
Here are some of our favorite recipes, we are sure that you will enjoy making these dishes as well as eating them.

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The Purpose of a Recipe – A Chef’s Perspective

The Purpose of a Recipe – A Chef’s Perspective

THE PURPOSE OF A RECIPE Among the many tools which a Chef has at his disposal a standard recipe template is among the most important. For the Professional Chef, the importance & purpose of a recipe is both practical and theoretical. It is meant to include the technical aspects of a dish while also teaching the artistic combination of flavor…

Importance of Using Fresh Ingredients

Importance of Using Fresh Ingredients

In the long run, processed foods can affect your health. Below are reasons why it is important to use fresh ingredients when cooking, and what a fresh meal can offer you. HEALTH When cooking with fresh ingredients, your food can retain a lot more nutrients compared to processed foods. In many cases, processed foods have been in contact with pesticides,…

The Advantages of Taking a Cooking Course

The Advantages of Taking a Cooking Course

Nobody has ever gone from being a good, regular cook to becoming a maestro overnight! It never works that way! Therefore, if you are meaning to take a leap from being just a regular chef to being a great culinary artist, you should consider joining a cookery school. However, there are several styles of gastronomic classes, such as different styles and different…

What Our Students Say

Our Community

I love to eat, I am always in the kitchen trying to figure out how to put my meals together. Thanks Heather for making my life in the kitchen that much easier.


Care Assistant

I was lucky enough to spend time with Heather, She is so real and down to earth. I was happy to see that the communication between us was clear during the scheduled meetings, I learned a lot. Hope you are enjoying Island living. See you soon, let’s ZOOM.

Brian, Laval, Quebec.

Office Manager

I was very surprised to learn that I could create such great tasting food in my own kitchen! so excited about upcoming courses! thanks so much!



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